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Established almost a century ago, the Lady Margaret School in West London continues to serve the community and has recently been expanded, with over two dozen rooflights of different types from the Jet Cox range bringing natural daylight to the teaching spaces.

Lady Margaret’s is a Church of England academy for girls aged 11-18 situated in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The school has a roll call of 725, of whom 215 are in the sixth form, while the stimulating environment is considered to contribute to the establishment’s record of success. Set in attractive grounds, the academy comprises three Georgian listed buildings – to which family owned construction firm, Osborne has added a fourth, modern structure.

Rooflight manufacturer, Jet Cox supplied 28 Cox Glasslights to Anglian Architectural – the specialist sub-contractor carrying out the installation on behalf of Osborne – 10 of which feature rain or temperature sensors. These raise the unit if the occupied space becomes too hot, and close them if rain starts to fall. The flat roof’s high performance felt waterproofing system is dressed up the kerb to each rooflight to ensure their weather-tightness.

Additionally, though, these rooflights have been designed in-house by the JET Group research and development team to offer acoustic properties suitable for even the most noise polluted areas; the double glazed insulated glass units providing impressive external noise reduction of up to 39dB.

Manufactured from thermally broken durable aluminium with an external powder coating finish to RAL 9040, the Glasslight is one of the most attractive flat glass solutions on the market. The glass surface is uninterrupted giving optimal view and maximum daylight. The Glasslight is available fixed or electrically opening for ventilation. The electric actuator is fully integrated and concealed within the PVC-u lower frame, maintaining the uninterrupted glazing.


  • ‘U’ Value 1.2 W/m²K (with upstand) 1.6 W/m²K (without upstand)
  • Light Transmission 79%
 ‘G’ Value (Solar Gain) 63%
• Sound Reduction according to NEN- EN-5079 36dB – 39dB
  • Wind Load according to NEN-EN6702:2001 – 0.8kN/m²
  • Safety Glass according to NEN-EN-3569 / 12600
  • External Finish RAL 9040 / Internal Finish RAL 901
  • Minimal 3⁰ Pitch (shortest side)
 RO16 PVC-u Upstand

Jet Cox Glasslights are available in a range of sizes measuring from 400 x 700 mm up to 1000mm x 2400mm – with a comprehensive choice of rectangular and square options in between to ensure there is a rooflight to suit all applications.

Osborne prides itself for the “positive impact on the environments we help create,” so it is perhaps appropriate that the contractor wished to ensure the optimum comfort for the new classrooms’ inhabitants and in a sustainable manner. The selection of high quality rooflights from Jet Cox for this outstanding education project has helped achieve these ideals.
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