Project Details

Due to the failure of the original rooflight system at the Land Warfare exhibition hall, a striking Coxdome Barrel Vault rooflight system was installed, spanning an impressive 6.5m x 125m.

Land Warfare accommodates a collection of armoured, artillery and military vehicles, which sits directly underneath the section of the roof that required refurbishment and in addition, the building had to remain open to the public throughout the installation.

The Coxdome technical team carried out in-depth performance and design calculations, which led to the specification of a non-fragile Barrel Vault system, spanning the full length of the roof. Being sympathetic to the sensitive nature of the project and to ensure the safety of the visitors and exhibits below, Coxdome installed the system in small sections, which they secured at the end of each day, leaving the building safe and watertight overnight.

Location: Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Project Type: Refurbishment of tourist attraction
Product Used: Barrel Vault Rooflights