VM Housing Group

Project Details

Following a thorough appraisal of the unusual D-shaped roof by Coxdome, the SHEV system was specified for the reception atrium, incorporating 2 automatic smoke vents into a bespoke glass rooflight. Coxdome installed the rooflights and vents, with an opening mechanism that is triggered by the building’s main fire alarm system if heat or smoke is detected. The system not only met the project’s Building Regulations and Fire Safety demands, but also complied with guidelines for the Government and Europe-wide standard HAPPI: Housing our Ageing Population – Panel for Innovation, which places a strong emphasis on the design of internal spaces and their level of natural daylighting.
Location: Chelmsley Wood, Solihull
Project Type: Newbuild 40-home scheme for the over 55s
Product Used: SHEV System