The Coxdome Trade Range Upstands are designed to provide a watertight thermal break between the finished roof and the rooflight. With excellent thermal insulation properties they often offer a more thermally efficient solution to the standard builder’s kerb and help improve the overall ‘U’ value of the unit.

More reason to specify Coxdome Upstands:

  • Manufactured from high impact resistant PVC-u
  • Completely recyclable
  • Thermally efficient
  • Brilliant white, UV stable internal finish
  • Specified with or without insulation
  • Specified with or without additional four sided reinforcement
  • Compatible with all popular flat roof membrane systems
  • Choice of Background Ventilation
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Specification -U Values etc
Background Ventilation

Two options are available:

  • Permanent Ventilation

In areas hard to access or in areas where security is primary consideration ‘non-controllable’, permanent ventilation offers continuous ventilation around the perimeter of the dome. Ventilation spacers are inserted between the factory assembled polycarbonate dome and the upstand. The shaped lip on the edge of the outer skin is engineered for maximum weathering and prevents water ingress

  • Controllable Ventilation

This is offered by means of a controllable trickle ventilator; air flow is afforded by the use of adjustable tumblers. Internal and external parts are constructed from moulded PVC-u (data sheet are available on request) and can be fitted to either two sides or all four sides of any of the Trade PVC-u Upstand Range*

*Whilst controllable ventilation can be fitted to a 150mm upstand please note that BS 6229: 2003, Code of Practice for Flat Roofs with continuously supported coverings, outlines that the waterproofing upstand detail should terminate at least 150mm above the uppermost roof surface to which the roof covering is bonded or dressed