Ventilation is the process of changing or replacing air in any space to provide high indoor air quality.  It is often the link between your internal space and the outside elements. The correct relationship between insulation, heating, solar gain and ventilation must be achieved in order to provide a pleasant, comfortable, productive indoor space.

Ventilation options:


  • Manually operated

The manually operated option offers controllable ventilation by means of a spindle gear and is operated from floor level using a Winding Rod. Maximum ventilation is approximately 300mm.


  • Electrically operated

The electrically powered options uses a chain link actuator and is operated from a 240V mains supply.
Maximum ventilation is approximately 400mm with three optional fixed intermediary positions
at 100mm, 200mm and 300mm.
The electric version is operated as standard by means of a toggle switch.
Optional extras are remote control, wind, and rain sensors.