Waylands Academy


The re-roofing of an education building dating from the 1950s has included the installation of nearly 70 Coxdome Trade Range Rooflights in different sizes, improving both the appearance and the thermal performance of the building while offering optimum natural daylighting to areas such as corridors and kitchens as well as classrooms. The work at the Waylands Academy in Norfolk was carried out by Faber Roofing, a specialist in the refurbishment of both flat and pitched roof structures. The Coxdome Rooflights were all delivered to site in March of 2013 and fitted over a period of two weeks as the different deck areas and their openings were addressed. The decision to replace the 60 year old existing rooflights was taken for a number of reasons aside from their actual aged appearance, many of them leaking and offering poor security as well as little insulation. By contrast, the double-skinned polycarbonate enclosures to the Coxdome Trade Range rooflights offer much improved thermal performance. In addition, while the 67 contemporary Coxdome units offer good standards or airtightness and weather resistance where the domes seal against their frame, they were specified with either trickle ventilators or manually operated vents, depending on their location. The rooflight dimensions also varied with sizes including 1050 x 1050 mm and 1000 x 2200 mm. A proportion of the new Coxdomes were supplied with kerb adaptors to assist with incorporating them into the high performance built-up felt system. The new Coxdome rooflights with their tough but low weight polycarbonate domes proved easy to handle and straightforward to fit for Faber Roofing’s operatives, while the upstands offer an ideal slope up which to dress the roof-covering.

The Coxdome Trade Range comprises an ‘out-of-plane’ universal rooflight system available in a choice of shapes and sizes, as well as double, treble and quadruple skinned options. The CE marked range not only meets Building Regulations, but with the roof membrane dressed up the splayed or vertical sides to the PVC-u upstands, the completed installation offers unrivalled resistance to rain penetration. In the case of the double glazed rooflights specified for the different areas of Waylands Academy their construction provides improved thermal efficiency and a sound reduction figure of 20 dB. High security fixings are incorporated as standard.
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