Environmental Controls

Accessories are available to ensure your Coxdome rooflight system works to its maximum potential, regardless of unexpected external factors.

The range includes automated wind and rain sensors, sun protection and insect screens, with additional options such as smartphone app operation and remote control.

Insect Protection

Insect Screens

For use with standard opening rooflights, to protect against insects and coarse contamination.

  • Insect screen systems for use with standard rooflights that can be opened
  • Frame is mounted horizontally on the upper side of upstand
  • Recess for motor spindle, protected with brush sealing
  • Simple release and fastening using Velcro
  • Mesh material made from polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), offers resistance to weather and many fruit acids
  • Mesh width <1mm
  • Available for retrofitting onto third party products that can be opened
  • Available in horizontal or vertical formats, for units situated over kitchens and food preparation areas
  • No accumulation of insect fragments, thus avoiding contamination
  • Has no effect on the aerodynamic ventilation area (Aa value)
  • Available in sizes from 50x100cm

Weather Protection

For the collection of data on wind-speed, precipitation, outdoor temperatures and brightness to ensure maximum comfort in public, residential and office buildings.

  • Ideal for use in public, residential or office buildings
  • External 230V weather sensor
  • For the collection of data on wind-speed, precipitation, outdoor temperatures and brightness
  • GPS reception maintains correct date, time and sun position
  • Central control panel with 5-inch LCD touchscreen
  • Battery operated micro-USB radio unit capable of monitoring up to 4 zones simultaneously
  • Collects data on internal room temperatures
  • 1 radio channel available for communication with the weather station
  • 15 channels available for communication with control unit for 230V ventilation or shadowing drives
  • 32 channels available to allow integration of sensors. For example: to collect data on humidity, CO2 levels, temperature in specific spaces etc, or to integrate with the radio control panel or hand-held remote controls


Solar protection to reduce glare and heat input.

  • Electromotive, pully-operated pleated or duette blinds
  • Drive motor integrated into profile – battery buffered
  • Remote control via five-channel handheld unit for up to five individual rooflights
  • No electrical wiring necessary
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • For shop assembly or retrofitting
  • Solar panel or battery charger options
  • Also suitable for use with fitted or ventable rooflights from other manufacturers –
    please contact us for more information


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